Bryan Buschmann

"I take pride in developing efficient, accessible, and elegant solutions."

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Academic Accomplishments

A.A.S: Digital Design - Computer Graphics - 2006

2-year degree from Montgomery County Community College. Curriculum consists of traditional art skills with a focus on development of assets for output in both digital and print mediums.

Certification: A+ - 2001

Knowledge certification covering a wide variety of basic hardware troubleshooting and repair tasks for desktop, laptop, and printer hardware.

Employment History

Senior Mobile Architect - 2013-Present: BrickSimple, LLC. ( October 2013 to Present )

As a Senior Mobile developer, I am responsible for self-managing and developing a wide variety of traditional and cutting edge applications.
* Implemented interactive HTML5 pages for use within IOS WebViews
* Created Gradle based build script to support development for the Veeva iRep marketing platform
* Developed applications utilizing Google Glass and integrating the Glass device with multiple external devices via Bluetooth and custom web services
* Mentored co-workers and provided guidance for architecture and implementation of various web and mobile projects

Senior Software Engineer - Database Solutions, Inc. ( June 2012 to September 2013 )

As a Senior Software Engineer for an enterprise contracting firm, I was responsible for adapting to a multitude of projects in a short amount of time.
* Performed a UX audit of internal web applications used by an international risk intelligence company.
* Developed HTML5/JavaScript one-page site design for company use. Developed client/server REST integration with .NET and Android.
* Refactored a test-driven middle tier software stack utilizing C#/.NET and Unity.
* Performed forensics and modifications to SQL Server 2000 stored procedures and Excel reporting functions.
* Developed a Java based internal web api that integrates with a 3rd party web API.
* Architected and implemented an n-tier secure application service API in C#/.NET MVC/Web API.
* Implemented anti-fraud JavaScript library in legacy mobile web application.
* Modified internal API to reflect changes in the Facebook Graph API.

Software Engineer - Avantext, Inc. ( March 2011 to June 2012 )

Design and develop software for the aviation mechanic industry. Most recently lead our development team in the design and implementation of an internet enabled multi-tier registration system for an upcoming re-release of one of Avantext's library products. Peform redesign and code fixes on new software product that replaces flagship software library. Developed software to parse and create PDF documents using Adobe's PDF API.

Programmer / Analyst / IT Director - TVG, Inc. ( February 2008 to October 2010 )

Software creation, integration, and maintenance. Projects focus on task and workflow automation, meaningful data collection, and data analysis. Assumed responsibilites of previous Systems Administrator and I.T. Director in addition to programming tasks.

Administrator / Developer - Adams-Bickel Associates, Inc. ( August 2005 to February 2008 )

Systems administration and application development for a General Contractor. Responsible for infrastructure uptime, systems maintenance, and development of new applications to facilitate day to day tasks.


Help Desk Administrator - Franklin Electronic Publishers, Inc. ( May 2004 to March 2005 )

Front line help desk administration for an international small electronics manufacturer. Provided end user support, hardware upgrade planning and deployment, and server side administration.


ProjectsLanguage - Database

David Datuna's Viewpoint of Billions2013-Present: BrickSimple, LLC. - 2014

Android - Glass SDK - Java

An interactive artwork that uses Google Glass, Raspberry Pi, and wifi positioning technology to allow users to "view and be viewed" by a contemporary artwork by artist David Datuna


HonorBox for Windows PhonePersonal - 2013

C# - XML

An honor counter for the Legend of the 5 Rings collective card game. Features official artwork from the card series. Tracks player and rival's honor values utilizing an effient, intuitive design.

HonorBox for AndroidPersonal - 2012

Android - Java - XML

An honor counter for the Legend of the 5 Rings collective card game. Features official artwork from the card series. Tracks player and rival's honor values utilizing an effient, intuitive design.


MagicRushPersonal - 2011

AndEngine - Android - Java - XML

A 2D shooter being developed for Android and iOS. Currently in development.

Nexus Estimating ToolTVG, Inc. - 2010


Replace TVG Inc's Excel spreadsheet estimating process with a web application (Nexus) that allows for cross-project data collection, multi-user data entry, and automated addition of project information into the company's Dynamics SL financial database.

Nexus SRSS ReportingTVG, Inc. - 2010

MS SQL Reporting Services - MS SQL

Deploy reporting environment and generate custom reports for project, time, and summary information. Publish reports via web interface to allow employees better access to company metrics and project data.

Windows Systems AdministrationTVG, Inc. - 2010

PowerShell - Visual Basic

Automate several common Windows Administration tasks such as desktop icon creation, drive mapping, and application configuration via Active Directory and WMI queries.

Project: GRABPersonal - 2009

AJAX - CSS 2 - JavaScript / jQuery - PHP - XHTML 1.1 - MySQL

A web game centered around humans and muntant lichen zombies in a post apocalypse world with each side attempting to gain resources needed to survive.

Cirriculum Vitae in XSLPersonal - 2008


An excercise in XSL Transforms and a reconstruction of my personal resume. This new format allows for easy content expansion and updating.


Codename: EasybakePersonal - 2008


A backend daemon process for a persistent state web game. EasyBake is designed to translate an XML database of objects, merge them with live state XML objects, expose the compiled objects to game logic, and control updating and disk writing for long term storage. EasyBake is part of a larger, yet to be announced web game.

ABA BidroomAdams-Bickel Associates, Inc. - 2008

CSS - HTML 4.01 - PHP - MySQL

Automate the upload and organisation of architectural drawings for download by sub-contractors. Track site usage and file downloading for reporting purposes. Management for the entire application is through a parallel web interface.


Rocket Jockey 2004Personal - 2006


A mod for Unreal Tournament 2004 that set out to recreate the gameplay experiences of the classic PC game Rocket Jockey by SegaSoft. The mod consisted of custom vehicle, player, and environment code to recreate the fast action 3rd person gameplay of the original.

ABA Benefits StatementAdams-Bickel Associates, Inc. - 2006

Visual Basic - MS Excel - MySQL - ProvideX

Automate the generation of employee benefits statements by removing the need for manual data organisation, calculation, and formatting for print. Data is imported from several company sources, normalized, and processed for output.

ABA Human Resources DatabaseAdams-Bickel Associates, Inc. - 2005

Visual Basic - MS Access - MySQL

Migrate Access 2000 database to a multi-user environment and expose the information contained in the database to reporting and other company applications

ABA Phone DirectoryAdams-Bickel Associates, Inc. - 2005

CSS - HTML 4.01 - Visual Basic - MySQL

Retreive and display employee information within ABA's company intranet. Information is processed in real-time from the proprietary HR database backend.

FEST ManagerPersonal - 2000

CSS - HTML 4.01 - JavaScript - PHP - MySQL

Manage and track attendence of LAN Party participants and vote for desired games at each event. A PHP/MySQL web application designed to ease tracking of individuals attending bi-annual LAN gaming events that I've organized since 1998. The application features an interface that allows attendees to self-manage their votes, attendence, and personal information.


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